'Encounters' is a brand new Paranormal Show which uses the latest cutting edge technology in the paranormal field and sees Seasoned Investigator and Haunted Plymouth team member, Jason Higgs experience alleged Haunted Locations around the Country ... Alone.

Although Jason investigates overnight alone, The 'Encounters' Project team is made up with Kevin Hynes (Psychic Medium), Mikey Parkinson (Investigator and Producer), Rich Silverwood (Investigator and Producer) and James Fletcher (Producer).

In November 2015 'Encounters' was proudly sponsored by the Worldwide leader in advanced Paranormal Software, GhostHunterApps.  The amazing range of ITC applications has featured heavily in the show with incredible results.  We are simply blown away with the responses we get and the apparent communication illicited.

As of December 2015, 'Encounters' was picked up by an Agent and we were under contract to produce 6 Episodes by September 2016.  As of August we have just finished filming with Post-Production now in Play.  Hopefully we will be on a Network near you in 2017.  We will keep you posted as to forthcoming details so please check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for the latest information.  In the meantime please watch some of our work on here or our You Tube channel.  Thanks for your support!
In this first part of Episode 2 Jason spends his time in the isolated Open Control Tower in the middle of the moor and experiences some un-nerving phenomena at Davidstows Cornwall at War Museum, an ex-RAF Base in what use to be the Officers Mess.
Released 31st October 2015
Seasoned Paranormal Investigator Jason Higgs spends an entire night alone, locked in one of the countries most notorious haunts, Bodmin Gaol in the Encounters Season Premiere
Released 7th October 2014
In this second part of Episode 2 Jason investigations the renowned eerie German Room and has some amazing experiences in the old Ballroom, once filled with music and dancing.  Will his interactions be as happy and joyful as 70 years ago?
Released 14th November 2015
THE FINAL Part of Episode 2 will see Jason investigating the final areas of the Haunted Base.  As mentioned previously, before the Lone Investigation began, Jason set up a number of experiments and locked off equipment.  What he captured in the Cinema is truely ASTONISHING.  Has he actually captured evidence for the Paranormal?  Watch it here.
Released 5th December 2015